Fly Away

What a wonderful thing the mind is.

There are certain settings you can find yourself in where external circumstances can be disturbing. If your mind dwells on those circumstances and then begins to process it, you can find yourself in some bad places.

This is what makes the mind so fascinating. There is the capacity to take on the circumstances and yet fly above it. See it from a higher perspective and then from that position consider the context – what’s around it especially what preceded it and the possibilities that lie ahead. The mid is even able to fly away to a position of contemplative reflection. While you are physically considering the issues at hand, your mind can find a place of peace to not allow you to get overwhelmed.

I know some people who are able to take their mind to a place. That place is familiar to them, either a room with comforting fittings and from that they can organise their mind and from that position they are able to engage in what their physical circumstances suggest in a far more hopeful and resolute manner.

There are others I know who also fly away to a conversation with a trusted wise person who they imagine conversing about their issues with. From there they can discern a word of wisdom and guidance from there they can return to whatever troubles them and progress with poise, purpose and passion.

Music works for me, listening to songs of praise and adoration even in my own mind takes me to places where I can engage with God, hear him away from the clamouring issues of whatever presents me. Gain the focus again to get a proper perspective on the situation that faces me.

It’s an incredible thing the mind can do to just fly away and be at rest.

(Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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