Not On Your Own

Things really began to come together when the team was formed.

Harry had the initial idea to do something to really help the community. He was mulling the idea over, but it was only when he shared it with his wife, Linsey, that the idea had to go beyond just wondering if … Linsey wasn’t the pushy type, but she knew that what her husband had in mind could be realised.

Knowing he had his wife as his chief supporter as well as employing her own gift-set gave Harry confidence to see what else could happen. When he shared the idea with his apprentice, Simon, the response he got further encouraged him. Simon not only said it was a good idea but Simon pledged to commit more time and energy in supporting the realisation of the dream. Later, Harry was impressed to discover that when Simon told his girlfriend, Charlene, about it she also had some ideas of her own that Harry was happy to hear.

Harry eventually though it would be worthwhile getting the four of them to sit and talk about the idea together. As they met and shared it was clear that this project not only could be realised, but could have a really positive impact on the lives of those who needed it most. They were aware, however, that this would not come easy and would require dedication in trying circumstances. Yet because of the goal they saw ahead of them, they committed to it to do it together.

From that point on, there were tremendous demands on their time and energy. It seemed as though things had been relatively easy beforehand, but once they had expressed the desire to change efforts were made to distract and dissuade them. Tensions developed among their relationships and it seemed at one point that nothing would progress because they were not able to deal with those tensions.

It was over a joint meal that they ironed out their issues and at least committed to never repressing issues and tensions, but bring them to be addressed in a way that brought peace. That wasn’t easy, but it was necessary and the clear the air talks not only gave ground for apologies and restoration, it reinforced their commitment to seeing the project come to reality.

When the project became a success in the community and attracted others to not just gratefully receive the service offered but also volunteer to help the project, the two founder couples reflected on how it started in the first place. Their success was never down to one individual. It was never down to a hierarchical model that pandered or a structure of domination and control for one person to get the credit for any achievements. One man may have had the idea, but he was the first to acknowledge that it took a team to make it a reality – a team committed to right relationship with each other before doing anything for anyone else.

Harry knew that he could not do it on his own.

(Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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