Admiring the Opportunist

There is something endearing and appealing about opportunists.

While everyone has only just glimpsed to see if there was an opportunity, they have seen it a long time and have nabbed it, utilised it and are not thriving from it. They are clinical and efficient in maximising that opportunity whilst others who catch on too late are left to wonder what could be.

Those opportunists are particularly admirable when it comes to something that does not even look like much of an opportunity. The time might be short, the space might be limited, the resources could be heavily restricted and horror stories of previous efforts might be severely off-putting. Others might have turned down the chance because of the many decent reasons to give it a pass.

Yet here is the opportunist who sees the glimmer of something. It’s like she sees the shine of something behind the mess and she thinks it’s worth her while taking whatever time is available to dig through and bring out what looks to be the valuable treasure underneath. Lo and behold, making the limitations look like massive advantages, the treasure is uncovered and many look in wonder at what was achieved. No one sees the hours of focus and perseverance. No one notices the need to strengthen resolve after setbacks. No one records those who suggested the entire affair was a waste of time and money.

The opportunist only keeps a note of these things as something to recall when the treasure is found and celebrated. Even then it’s with no malice or ill will. It’s just to highlight how the opportunity that has been realised was no easy journey.

I have a lot of time for the opportunists. They are ever teaching me how to see a lot in a little.

(Photo by Anthony Rampersad on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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