Grounded to Learn Faithfulness

Back in the day, it was a legitimate threat to us as children.

If we didn’t comply we would be grounded. That was serious. That meant we would not be able to go out and have fun with our friends. It meant I couldn’t go to the library and enjoy time with those beautiful books. It meant we would be stuck in the house. We wouldn’t be able to watch TV either. We’d just have to find something to do to pass the time and doing that whilst wistfully contemplating what could have been if we weren’t grounded.

I certainly never wanted to be grounded.

Recent experiences have taught me, however, that sometimes I am grounded. The reason why I am grounded is to learn faithfulness. Find my source of satisfaction and stimulation not from being able to go out and about and get involved in things and admire beautiful things. Actually to find myself without all of that and seeing satisfaction and sublime stimulation in the mundane and relatively drab commitment to doing tasks that never draw attention and celebrating the presence of God in those experiences.

Also learn that when there’s no access to all the excitement, there’s learning contentment in the knowledge of His presence, in the cultivation of that presence.

Seasons like these of being grounded are so important to truly finding faithfulness and developing that in God.

From there it’s as though when that season has been lifted and you’re no longer grounded, you’re not as inclined to over-indulge. There’s a self-control that whilst enjoying the opportunities does not go over the top. Lessons are learnt that it’s not about the object that should get all the credit – it’s about going to the Source and knowing that He’s just as present when you’re grounded as when you’re free to roam.

(Photo by Klim Sergeev on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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