He Sends You

I believe in the God who sends. There is a story of a boy who was in hospital because of a back injury. He had a special visitor one evening. A famous person who used to manage the club the boy supported. This manager was revered as a hero especially by the boy, so to […]

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Amazing Invitation to Conversation

You ever been in a setting where there are the popular types and the really engaging and fascinating types as well as the boring types? Those in the boring types tend to keep themselves to themselves because they have acknowledged their status as boring and having acknowledged it, they dare not aspire to anything beyond […]

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Breaking Delusion: I Need You

There are a number of things I’ve been accused of. Some of them are misunderstandings, some of them are blatant uninformed, some are clearly the utterances of bitter people with issues of their own. There are some, however, that are spot on. One of the things I’ve been accused of, that I have to endeavour […]

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Admiring the Opportunist

There is something endearing and appealing about opportunists. While everyone has only just glimpsed to see if there was an opportunity, they have seen it a long time and have nabbed it, utilised it and are not thriving from it. They are clinical and efficient in maximising that opportunity whilst others who catch on too […]

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Even The Bad Guy Gets It

“Life isn’t like the stories,” I have been told, “It’s not about good guys and bad guys. It’s just about people with varying inclinations.” I love it when they say that. I nod in a way that understands where they’re coming from. Once they’re finished I reflect on what reality has taught me and wonder […]

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