It Is A Privilege

There is a posture you take when you receive something good without earning it or deserving it.

There is a posture. That posture is not indifference. That would suggest that what you have received is not good. It could also suggest that maybe there was an element in which you felt it should have come your way anyway. With those two elements not being the case in question we return to the point where what we receive is good and there is nothing that we did to earn it or deserve it.

There is a posture. There is an attitude that comes with that. That attitude is deferential. That posture is meek and humble. As it is good there’s an understandable excitement about that and a little thrill about it. Yet for all that there is also that acknowledgement that it has come to you from another source and you have not done anything for it. Whatever had to be done for it was done by someone else. You are the recipient. Saying thanks is the bare minimum that can be expected in the light of that.

There are those who have experienced something way beyond the bare minimum in response to being the recipient to good they have not deserved. The expression of outlandish and extravagant adoration in response reflects something about the level of good received and what their understandable response is. Especially when the motives of the person doing the giving is not manipulative or contrived. When it has been done out of kindness, then the heart of the recipient is given room to respond with great liberty.

When you feel entitled to something because it’s what you deserve for whatever reason, there is less of a sense of a need for gratitude. There’s more of a sense of pride in receiving whatever you feel is your due. There’s no need for any other response that goes into anything extra. There’s a nod of the head that says ‘yeah, I deserve this, this should be coming to me, it’s what I’m worth’.

Following Jesus is not a journey into entitlement, it’s a growing journey of recognising who we were made to be and seeing the privilege of that position based on nothing we earned or deserved. In the light that … there’s a posture to take.

(Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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