The Presence of Light

You are the light.

The staff meeting did not go well. It’s never easy to tell those that make up the organisation that things are not going as well as they should and if things don’t improve … It’s never easy to convey that message and with the different personalities involved you can guarantee that it won’t go down well.

Sure enough no sooner has the meeting ended than the rancour and anger rises amid the hubbub. Lots of chatter leading to lots of speculation provoking lots of insinuation evoking lots of accusation and stirring further chatter.

The presence of light in the situation, however, chooses not to engage in that type of conversation. The presence of light looks to steer any conversation to constructive and productive outcomes. The presence of light endeavours to see if fair outcomes can be derived in the situation. The presence of light acknowledges the pain and looks for what brings peace and healing even if that calls for silent absorbing of the anguish of others.

You are the light.

They are freaking out over the upcoming exams. As much as they have been reminded that this will not define their lives and who they are, they have also received pending and overbearing words suggesting that certain grades will make them unacceptable. So much to cram in, so little time to get the information out. It’s causing anxiety that’s reaching the stage of sleepless nights. Teachers under pressure and pupils stressed out. That which should be straightforward and taken considerately and calmly sends tensions in homes as children cannot relate to parents in a sane manner and parents feel helpless to support.

The presence of light brings patience and understanding. The presence of light comes alongside offers empathy, sympathy and the necessary channelling of emotions and energies into what will relax and refocus things. The presence of light continues to shine on the values that matter – faithfulness and devotion in all circumstances; compassion and mercy wherever it soothes and restores; capacity to celebrate successes and commiserate setbacks without condemning, belittling and dismissing. The presence of light beams a peace and assurance that surpasses the situation and is resting in a reality that truly defines everything which academia cannot adjust or challenge.

You are the light. Your presence makes a difference to every dark situation because of the light that shines on you, in you and through you for others to be drawn ever more to …

The presence of the light.

(Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

2 thoughts on “The Presence of Light

  1. The presence of light shines on the values that matter is an awesome statement.
    The key is to stop doing and start being.
    Be compassion, be kind, be joyful, be loving…etc
    Because of the presence of light, we get back what we give out.

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