MWTM: Reflections

There are 66 books in the Bible. That in itself should give an indication as to the nature of the Bible. It is a library. A library featuring a number of books and with that there are a number of different styles of writing in it. Even within the genres there are different ways of […]

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What A Remarkable Turnaround

God is worthy to be praised. That’s not an unusual statement to make for those who believe in God and for those who don’t believe in God it’s a redundant statement, then for those who aren’t sure there’s a shrug of the shoulders and either an interest to discover further or not. What leads me […]

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Those Who Bide Their Time

There is a suggestion that all good things come to those who wait. I can see where that sentiment comes from. I recall the patient endurance my Dad had with his allotment. Hours, days, weeks and months spent cultivating that patch of land. Understanding the soil, noting the changing seasons, deducing the best times to […]

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Getting and Keeping Attention

The deal is not to get your attention – it’s to keep it. A lot of effort goes into getting attention. Some go out of the way to put together spectacular events with outstanding marketing to grab the attention. After all, if the marketing is done well and the event is spectacular it is bound […]

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