It Is A Co-operation

He gets the credit from the situation because it started with Him, it ends with Him, it is done with His power, His help and His direction. Nothing works out without Him and without Him we are nothing and there is nothing.

To that degree, it would be easy to question what part there is to play in everything. Therein is the great truth of the dynamic of the relationship. It is a co-operation. It is an agreement to work together. It is a willing submission on our part to follow the instructions and leading of the Lord to accomplish what He has set out for us to do.

That is why it’s reasonable for us to be held accountable for what we’ve been given and what has been revealed to us. It’s fair that we will be judged on whether we have worked with Him or rebelled. There will be no room for excuses.

As well as that, there is no guarantee that co-operation is about an easy life. Co-operation is not an invitation to just relaxing while someone else does all the work and things go smoothly. Co-operation is going together into at times hostile and unpleasant settings where among other things you can see people laugh you to scorn or even worse, people respond with blank apathy.

It is a co-operation though on a matter that is worth giving up everything to devote yourself to. It’s a co-operation because of the prize of ultimate price. It is a co-operation because of what is seen that is so beautiful and glorious and hints at what is to come that is even better.

This is what is worth remembering when we want to give up or give in. It’s worth remembering because no one forces you to do this. This is not something done against your will.

It’s a co-operation.

(Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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