Worth Reading To The End

They interrupt from time to time asking about what’s going to happen and why what’s happening now is happening. They pester and ponder investing lots of time into matters that are not worth their energy. Like all good stories it is much better to go through the story until its conclusion. You gotta let the […]

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What Winning Looks Like

When I was younger than I am now, I used to style off being competitive. There were those sporty types who had to win everything and made sure others knew about it both while they were playing and when they won. I wasn’t into that. That wasn’t my style. I like winning for sure, but […]

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By the Book and By the Life

What makes the story exciting is how when you read it, the action, movement, drama and conversation feels alive and engaging. The problem often comes when we read things the wrong way and instead of getting energised by the life of the story, we get bogged down with the minutiae and invert elements, pervert elements […]

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Faith in Something Different

Recently I shared about faith in the system. Some suggested that I sounded somewhat sceptical and mistrusting of those institutions and elements that make up the system in which we live. There were even concerns that I might want to support efforts that goes against the system that, in all honesty, contributed to making me […]

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Faith in the System

“The system will work. We can trust in the system.” Believe it or not, quite a number of people operate on that understanding. There are the institutions in place to ensure that things keep going as they should. The government, the schools, the police, the courts, the social services, these and other constructs are there […]

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It Is A Co-operation

He gets the credit from the situation because it started with Him, it ends with Him, it is done with His power, His help and His direction. Nothing works out without Him and without Him we are nothing and there is nothing. To that degree, it would be easy to question what part there is […]

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