Packed Lunch for the Journey

What’s in the packed lunch today?

Typically, back in the day, it was sandwiches, fruit, a packet of crisps, a sweet something of some sort – usually a chocolate bar and a drink.

That used to be my favourite packed lunch. I didn’t get that all the time. There were certainly times where my Mum was concerned that the packed lunch would be as healthy as possible, so there would likely be two pieces of fruit and no sweet thing.

In any case, the height of the packed lunch days was when my Mum prepared them. I say the height, because at some point I had to take the responsibility of preparing my own packed lunch with all the resources and material available for me to do so. I couldn’t even get my sister to do it for me, because she would just give me the look. That would be the precursor to being asked what it was worth and I already owed her too many weeks of washing up and drying up to make it worthwhile. My packed lunches weren’t dreadful – especially when it came to the corned beef sandwiches with the ketchup and the cucumbers and the ketchup and the lettuce and the ketchup and the sweetcorn and the ketchup. Yet as you know, nothing can match the height of having the packed lunch made by Mum.

As a result whatever the day, as long as the packed lunch was in the bag, I would be set. Everything I would need to keep me going when it came to sustenance and deliciousness was at my disposal. I could never return home and say that I was famished or I had suffered from hunger and thirst during the day. Everything had been prepared and set for me – it was just for me to take my time and tuck in at the proper times during the day.

It was all set, it was all there to help me get through the day.

It is one thing to appreciate that as a 12 year old boy nervously making my way through school. A decade or three later, it is an amazing to realise that packed lunch is also available for the journey of life.

There is no need for me to hunger or to starve. There is no need for me to hit empty, because provisions have been made. Far better than my corned beef and over-much ketchup. Even better than what my Mum was able to prepare. In fact it’s worked out that it’s better to rely on what’s been prepared, then to try and make stuff up myself as though I’m a great provider.

It’s quite something to find out on the journey what’s in the packed lunch!

(Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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