What Is It About The Wrestle?

There are a variety of story-lines. All the stories involve a degree of animosity between two parties. The reasons for the animosity can vary. It could be friendly rivalry to establish the better party. It could be hostility over offences inflicted. Those can make for compelling stories in themselves and reason to see how the […]

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How Did You Get Here?

Are you sent? There is something inside of people that gets them to wake up at a set time, get ready for a set time and arrive to their place of work at a set time to work from a set time to a set time. For some the thinking behind it – money is […]

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Far Better Than Expected

It is not the pity I wanted. The pity would get me nowhere. It was the money I was looking for. It was the money I expected. I was used to being there, day after day and week after week. I knew my place. It’s not like I was going to get up and walk […]

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Broken on Purpose

Broken. The pot was broken into little pieces. No one had an idea what to do, but it was clear that it could never be put back together again. It was broken too decisively. No craftsman or expert potter would be able to put that together again. Perhaps it would be better to just dispose […]

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True Story: Is It?

There was a time in my life when I really wanted to be a journalist. I loved the thought about being busy getting the news, reporting on it, writing about it and seeing it published. There was something really fascinating about that to me and it seemed to be the best use of my love […]

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Make A Note Of It

We sat down and talked about it. Twenty years is a long time. A long time where a lot happens. A lot happening some of which is worth remembering. Worth remembering because of what it says about the journey you’ve made to this point. A point where those things can be of use to remind […]

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What Is He Showing You?

Households with more than one child are fun. Hey, I’m not suggesting that households with an only child are not fun, I am saying that households with more than one child are a lot of fun. One of the areas of fun for the parent is the challenge of appearing considered and fair to all […]

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