Well Deserved

There is some innate sense of when something is deserved.

A friend and I were watching a football match recently. Two teams faced each other. The away team had a great record going into the match and were said to be the favourites for the match. They gave indications as to why they should have been rated that way in portions of the match. Yet the home team contained the attacks very well and were clinical when it mattered. When the final whistle blew the home team emerged victorious and no one begrudged them the victory. It was well deserved.

It’s like a fairness factor that resides within. You see someone work hard, they receive due acknowledgement for it in emotional as well as material kind. There’s a nod of the head and a sense that this was well deserved. You come across something of a great quality, you find out who is responsible for it, you have the opportunity to express your gratitude and praise and you do it, because there is the sense that this was well deserved.

There is a reading of the history of the world that does not see it as being prone to the wiles and whims of man. There is a reading that there is something more time and motion than what we see. This reading sees a loving heavenly Creator at work from the beginning, embodying the very love that can be traced in creation. Despite the efforts of others to detract from this and pursue other agendas and despite the ruinous efforts of others to thwart the efforts of the Creator, this reading posits that He will emerge victorious. All of creation will be consummated in an eternal celebration of the love seen from the beginning.

You are entitled to say what you like about this reading. You are free to believe what you like with regard to this reading. However, when you have come into contact with this love and grow in knowing this love supreme there is a response. A response of believing and trusting, confessing and ever returning to this love. There is a profound joy at what is and what will be.

There is also no doubt that when this consummation takes place all who have the privilege of witnessing will be able to say it was well deserved.

(Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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