Who You Start From

Identity is such a crucial factor in life.

“Who am I?” It is an important question to answer. I wonder however if we start with the wrong person.

Being to ‘just be you’ isn’t very helpful when you don’t know the ‘you’ that you’re supposed to be. Being told that you’ll ‘discover it’ as you go along isn’t helpful because a lot of the onus is on you as though you’ll find it out. How do you know? Is it because others have found it out as they went along and everything has been fine for it?

I really enjoy the possibility that you don’t have to start with you.

Someone was having a conversation with me and asked about my parents. As I talked about them it occurred to me that they have a lot to do with who I am and certainly had a good deal of knowing me. They didn’t know everything, evidently, but as I thought of how much of themselves they gave to me to help me, it was reassuring.

I also got to thinking about my wife who has been a part of my life for almost two decades. she is at the stage now when she can instinctively elements of me in a way that no one else gets. No, she does not know everything about me at all, but there is something about her giving everything to help me, it was reassuring.

There is something that I got the hint that identity didn’t necessarily start with introspection. It could start with what happens when coming into contact with some who gives everything to help.

I wonder who is a good example of that? It maybe worth starting with Him.

(Photo by Ben Sweet on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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