Worth Admiring

Their allure is great at the start. The fire burns fierce. Then it ebbs, then it flickers, then it peters out. It was worth something at the start, but lost its value over time.

Some would evoke feelings for it as though it was something grand, something brilliant, something with such an essence that drew people in. Yet it still faded and the remnant were the romanticised reminisces of those who found it hard to move on when the magic wore off. Ah the memory warms the soul, but it is a reminder that the substance is no longer.

What, however, if you come across something where the beauty does not fade? What if you come across something that the more you consider it the more glorious it appears really because you are appreciating it’s glory greater and greater. It’s majestic brilliance comes into view the more you gaze upon it and it does not fade at all, it is not a mere memory of a good time in the past. Its substance becomes all the more apparent and to say it is breathtaking is a grotesque understatement.

It is so overwhelming in its wonder that you stop and consider how can you even have this privilege to behold it. And then that wonder leads you to explode in expressions of appreciation and adoration for such a wonderful all-encompassing experience. It is not a mere sensory stimulation. This is something far more deep and profound and your entire being is forever changed for it.

It is incomparable. Nothing even begins to measure up to it. Every exhilarating episode previously experienced is truly virtually nothing when put alongside this. Nothing in comparison at all. Tears and wails and shouts of joy flow unceasingly in the light of this. This is not something that you can simply shrug off as though it is not impressive.

This is more than impressive – this transforms, this enlightens, this elevates.

This is something definitely worth spending eternity admiring …

(Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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