Not Just One: Need for Rotation

My wife and I were having a conversation recently.

In it I was musing on how sad it is that no single person will ever know all there is to know about another individual. She concurred that it would be impossible for that to happen, but not in the sense that it’s necessarily a bad thing. I pondered on that for a bit and could see where she was coming from.

At the time of my musing, I was looking at it that sometimes I want to be in a position where I can turn to someone and that one person can have a good understanding of me in all my interests, concerns, characteristics and quirks. Not just that, but that one person would also be faithful and trustworthy in engaging with me in the light of proper understanding. That’s not looking for someone who will agree with me all the time or be sympathetic to me and suggest that I’m right all the time. It is to say that they would have that degree of ability to connect with and respond with what I’m expressing in a constructive and considered manner. Even if that means saying some tough things that I need to hear and will find hard to swallow. That also includes connecting with the range of interests I have and the thoughts I have on all those. It would be good, I feel at times, to have that one person. But no such individual exists and I see along with my wife that it would be impossible for such an individual to exist.

I say that acknowledging Jesus as the one person who does exist who does have that degree of insight in me and capacity to communicate on every aspect of my life in the way I outlined above. He can do it and indeed He does – but even then it’s not in a straightforward manner of conversing as friend with friend in the same regular way.

I’ll engage with Him through my wife, through my mentor, through my daughters, through my brother, through my sister, through my colleagues at work, through the security guard at Tesco, through the book I’m reading about that former football manager, through that episode in scripture, through heart tugs in prayer, through what I type in a blog entry, through that song I’m listening to by Andrae Crouch …

You get the point. He is my friend. He walks with me and He talks with me and He understands me. He engages with me in my desire to see His Kingdom come and will done on earth as it is in heaven. He just does not limit Himself to have to do it through the one way. He is all for rotation.

It’s why He’s big into relationships and not just one type either. It’s why although He gives me a beautiful wife to share my life with, she is not the sole source of all my companionship needs. Neither am I the total source of all her companionship needs. Growth takes place in the context of a variety of sources of interaction all of which can be the means by which He communicates.

This is a good reason why I am grateful for the beautiful people God has sent my way over the course of my life. Grateful for those who form the circle of influence in my life at the moment whether they are local and I meet face to face or from afar and I contact on the odd occasion through email or a text message.

I am grateful for them and the role they play in my life because they outline once more that the God that I love is more than content to operate through family.

(Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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