Checking The Steps

Improvisation tends to operate best from those who know how the basic steps go.

Take the issue of knowing how to achieve a goal. You get in the habit of setting a goal and seeing how it can be achieved. You notice the importance of key personal qualities and you experience how things can work out and how they don’t always go to plan. You develop an understanding of the rhythms and as soon as you get in a groove then you know when and where to improvise. You see where the jazz can take place and turn the regular tune into something completely fresh and startlingly new.

There’s a way of getting into it and understanding it. That all starts by checking the steps in the basics.

You set yourself a desired outcome for the end of the day. You know it won’t be easy. You take nothing for granted. But there’s something attractive about hope, so there’s something about discovering what can help turn that hope into reality. Check the steps.

Setbacks happen and disappointments come. The mood can change and then there’s ill health. There are the questions as to why you’re doing it and perhaps second thoughts as to whether it’s worth while. This is where faith marries hope and good people and great examples come around. Lifting your eyes above the gloom again. Check the steps.

With that in place whether it’s the step behind or the step ahead, there might be that little wriggle room available to improvise.

(Photo by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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