A Simple Conversation: 2 – The Build-Up

It began with a chat. It developed with conversation. It blossomed because ongoing communication was the order of their relationship.

Jon was on the coach, but looked to see if he could find a seat on his own, because he didn’t know anyone else going on the trip. He thought he had found one finally and grabbed it, deliberately putting his bag on the seat next to him. Harry, however, who was helping organise the trip and knew most of the people on it, told Jon to move his bag so he could get the seat. Being Jon’s senior by almost a decade, Jon didn’t argue with the request, but he was very nervous. Harry put him at ease instantly by noticing the football magazine Jon was reading and getting into a chat about the game. Jon liked watching it, Harry enjoyed playing it. Before long Jon felt comfortable on this trip with strangers, because at least there wasn’t a stranger in Harry.

That was a brief chat. Jon kept himself to himself for the majority of the trip, he was clearly not good at making friends or being all that sociable, but he got through it, remembered the kindness of Harry and left it at that.

A few years later their paths crossed again. Jon was looking to get into the media having enjoyed a few years doing student radio at university. He was told in a conversation that Harry was well involved with a few freelance efforts for some broadcasting outlets. At first Jon didn’t think Harry would remember him, but he sent a letter and left it at that. A few months later from seemingly out of nowhere he got a response from Harry that invited him into a conversation. What was initially a talk about possible work experience and a connection into the industry became about sharing life, hopes and dreams. Discovering a common purpose that they could work on together, Jon and Harry’s conversation became a commitment.

From there, they enjoyed a few years on mission together. Working out ways of operating through conversation and understanding. Working through challenges and misunderstandings through conversation. Working on the effectiveness of the mission together impacting the lives of others around them through conversation and understanding.

It was a work, but the work was made more satisfying and stimulating by simple conversation.

(Photo by Juri Gianfrancesco on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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