A Shape Of Things To Come

Word in for the word out.

There are different ways that the word gets in you. It can be read, it can be heard, it can be seen, it be felt. Of the various things that makes its way into the system not all of it to allow us to be the better for the experience and there is not always the internal faculties to process them properly. This is why I believe two people can watch the same thing and be impacted in different ways or read the same thing and get different things from the experience.

It remains so important to learn from others and from experience. It’s so important to be in a position to share and learn in an environment of trust and mutual service. Cultivating that is intentional and requires those who are up for that kind of journey. Not everyone is and that’s understandable. Not everyone will be all the time and that’s also to be expected. When that happens, it’s not about getting all upset and holding a grudge on the matter. You bless people from the heart and you move on.

It’s to appreciate those that are here with you for this part of the journey. Then there’s the fun of learning from each other in a variety of settings. Being family on a mission together. A lot of that mission is serving and sharing. A lot of that mission calls for vulnerability and openness to misunderstanding and hurt. A lot of that mission calls for moments of lamenting and mourning. A lot of that mission calls for moments of joy and celebration.

When you consider all this, it is why the mission calls for food and drink and rest. No point wasting away anxious about things. This is something we were sent to do by the one who was sent in the first place.

That all revolves around a view of the vitality of the life in the Word and getting the the Word in, so that it can then be shared out.

Exploring that and its repercussions forms the shape of things to come. This is not a document of a man with the answers. This is an expression of interest from a brother keen to go exploring.

(Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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