Things Are Shaping Up: In The Right Light

The light that shines and helps us make the most of the present also does wonders for other parts of the journey.

There was that episode that took place where my friend had gone through a really tough time as he was moving on from one job to another. He felt the cold shoulder from the initial workplace. The management and a lot of his colleagues could not understand why he was moving on at that crucial stage of the organisation’s development. They simply thought that like everyone else he would want to stay for the ride. They assumed he would be satisfied with the benefits and perks he could get from the job. They saw him moving on as a snub. The mistreatment he received in those final weeks of his notice were hurtful as people he thought he had a good rapport with turned unpleasant in such snide and subtle ways. By the time he left he thought good riddance and the sooner he could leave them the better.

As he got on with his new opportunity, he thought he  had got over that bad experience until a few years later he came across one of his former colleagues. She explained how she too was moving on from the old company to a new one and was experiencing some of the poor treatment. Ironically, she had been among the crowd who had given him short shrift and some of the very poor treatment she was complaining about. It occurred to him to mention that to her as he passed her by, but then he stopped to reflect on things. Sad and embittered though he felt at the time, he certainly didn’t want people to go through a similar experience. And if they did have to go through it, he didn’t want them to go through it alone. Despite initial reservations, he sought to be a presence of positivity for her getting her to see all that she was going through as something she would be able to look back on with a smile because she would get over it and end up in a better place. Just like him.

Although she came to him with complaints about what she was enduring, he refused to get involved in the moaning about people. Rather he would sympathetically listen and remind her of where she was going to and how that would help her look back on things. She didn’t understand how he could be so reasonable and considered, even positive. He referred her to how perspectives can affect things both looking back and going forward. He acknowledged that he needed light to see things in the right perspective so he wouldn’t get hung up on murky dark areas that wouldn’t help him anyway.

It didn’t sink in fully at first for her, in fact it was only a few years later that she got it when she came across a former colleague who was leaving a place familiar to three of them.

As things shape up for us on the journey of life, it does wonders to cast a good light not only about where we’re going, but even on where we’re coming from. It’s enough to make you believe all things work together for good for certain folks.

(Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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