Things Are Shaping Up: For What Is And Will Be

There are, apparently, different stages involved in the managing of groups.

One of the stages looks at managing the group for what they are about to become. This is not a definite practice. It is not about having everything worked out and manipulating people to fulfil your desires. Rather it is the capacity to know who you are together as a group, where you’re going as a group and what you will need to be as you attain that goal or destination.

This was something I came across when reading the autobiography of a famous football manager. He spoke of his determination to understand what he had before him and galvanise the whole club to prepare for life when they progressed not if they did. Leading that was about making adjustments and always presenting what they are aiming for as something beyond but attainable. Something beyond giving them something to aim for. Something attainable not being anything to do with SMART targets or the like, but something a lot more about allowing faith and hope to shape what happens in the here and now.

This one individual was able to infuse an entire organisation to buy into that way of thinking. Those who were not quick to get into the thinking were allowed to move onto other organisations. Those with the hunger to buy into this project were identified and brought into the grand enterprise of helping things to shape up into something glorious. The transformation in the space of a season was incredible all because of this individual who refused to limit the capacity of the organisation to what had been and other people’s notion of the present situation. He presented, prodded, provoked and praised and people up for the journey came in to see the reality of what happens when people see things shaping up differently to how things have been.

It’s a different shape, it’s not a static shape either – as each person contributes and the shape is developed because of them, so the picture becomes brighter.

Things are shaping up as people see that in relationship the picture of what can be can make a difference to helping us from where we are.

(Photo by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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