In The Light Of The Circumstances

It never fails to fascinate me.

Two people are in the same situation but respond to it in such contrasting ways that it makes you wonder if they really are in the same situation. Then on closer inspection it is apparent that one has some light on the predicament that gives them an approach to the circumstances that is not fear-filled and anxiety-ridden.

An example of this in action is seen in one of my favourite episodes in the Bible. The prophet Elisha has been getting the divine insight on the secret plan of the enemy of Israel. So he has shared that information with the king of Israel which has time after time thwarted that plan of the enemy. Finally frustrated by all their plans coming to nothing, the enemy gets the scoop that it’s Elisha’s fault and so go and besiege the village where Elisha is residing.

Elisha’s servant, who is with Elisha at the time, gets up to see the vast army of the enemy surrounding them with malevolent intent. As far as he can see, he and his master are in big trouble. Elisha, however, is not perturbed, anxious or afraid. He must know something the servant doesn’t. So a prayer later, the servant sees things in its proper light and notices that it is not he and his master that under siege, but in fact the surrounding enemy are themselves besieged by heavenly host which they cannot see.

In the light of those circumstances, Elisha’s focus is not looking down on things with concern and worry. His focus is to look up to get further divine insight on how to best get glory to God in that situation.

People will tend to operate in what they perceive to be the light of their presence circumstances. Sadly what presents itself as ‘light’ in some cases, however, can only be causing more confusion and distraction from what really matters. Why dilly-dally with issues that are now over and done with, when you can invest your energies into looking up and ahead to what awaits in the true light of the present circumstances. Perhaps some of us need a prayer to see things in that light.

That is often the difference in two people being in the same situation and one creeping slowly weighed down with the apparent enormity of it all and another emerging buoyant, bright-eyed and hope-filled.

It never fails to fascinate me.

(Photo by juan manuel mendez on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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