One Or Two (Or Ten) Benefits of The Light

Recently I was reminded of the joy of tens.

With the theme of this month, it made sense to celebrate the occasion by considering some benefits (around ten) of the Light.

The Light is Bright – I love things that are brilliant and the Light is literally that in more than one sense of the word. As that’s a reality, there is something about that which leaves dull and mediocre living behind. It doesn’t mean having the material trappings of success or winning awards for ‘best’ this or ‘outstanding’ that. It does mean that on the things that matter things don’t have to be just mundane or drab, they can work towards brilliance in the Light.

The Light Guides – It is so reassuring to know that you can know where you’re going. Maps cannot be created and instructions cannot be given unless there is an understanding of the route that only makes sense because of the Light. Often it’s the case that in  the journey that is life, it is only the Light that shows the way.

The Light Dispels Darkness – Sometimes it feels like the darkness is all pervasive. It can be depressing feeling that way. Conversely, then, it is great to know that this seemingly all pervading force can be defeated. Not with weapons of warfare, hostility and brutality. Simply with the Light that shines.

The Light is True – This I love about the Light. Pure, authentic, true, uncontaminated by any substance at all. There is more than enough room to accommodate anyone who can embrace it. There is something comforting and welcoming about that – no sense of fear or concern of what happens when it encounters anything other, because it will remain what it is.

The Light Brings Focus – You know how easy it can be to get confused or distracted. Competing thoughts battling with each other for prominence. Contrasting voices drifting and dragging from here to there. There is no rock solid certainty in and of the self and there doesn’t need to be. In the Light there is at least focus. Not even always on the path, but on the goal.

The Light Is Not Defeated – Throughout time, efforts have been made to snuff out the light. People killed, groups banned, material burnt, alternatives popularised, attempts to infiltrate and subvert, compromise and be seduced by appeals to power and comfort. Those attempts remain seeming relentless and some have thought that it was successful. Those thoughts have proven to be confounded time and again.

The Light Lifts – The dark, the misery and the gloom – all parts of the same family, all wanting to suppress, oppress and depress. Not so with the Light. It does not bring down, it lifts up. It doesn’t render quiet, it offers a song and then a new song. It is not about keeping low, the light says you can look up and be lifted. Lifted in spirit and in the business of lifting others to see because of the Light.

The Light Reveals – It is so refreshing to not need to hide. It is such an effort to conceal and hide for this reason and the other. Sometimes said to ‘protect’ ourselves or others. What if that’s not needed, what if we can live without needing to hide or be ashamed. What if we can live in something that allows to be real, vulnerable and honest and where even our flaws are no longer impediments. That ‘what if’ scenario is a reality where there is safety in the light that reveals.

The Light Offers The Alternative – Reality, we are told is a particular way. It feels so overwhelming that it comes across as the norm. Something happens and we’re told it’s always got to be that way. We’re only this, that’s just the way it goes, there’s nothing you can do about it. But thankfully that answer does not have to be acceptable. The Light is an invitation to explore the alternative.

The Light is Life – Because Jesus is the Light.

(Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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