From Shades Of Night

You know what it’s like to hit the depths.

I remember coming across a song about being lifted up. The writer talks of a state where shame and guilt was completely overwhelming. That was compounded by being in a society where you’re an outcast if there’s any sign of failure. Under such pressures, the darkness caved in from different sides. From within, from close relationships and from the world, the pressure seemed incessant, the gloom never seemed to lift.

You know what it’s like to hit those depths.

So when you come into something so different to what you’ve endured in the past, the distinction really is the difference between night and day. There’s an appreciation that the release of life in the light really feels like a n uplift from those depths. It is not something you can ever truly take credit for.

People can refer to looking after your diet, getting rest, doing exercise, meditating and regular times of counselling. These references are not bad in themselves, but there is a clear distinction between how these can help to manage life and the reality of what life is like being lifted into light.

There is the issue – it is about being lifted and it is not your efforts and willpower that bring about the lifting. Because this light that you experience – truly it is not something that the best ambience music or therapeutic techniques can cultivate. This light of liberty and life. This capacity to see the guilt and shame rolled away and live in a new appreciation of being is not something that you muster up from within. This is truly something else completely.

Experiencing that is a good way of remembering how bad the shades of night were. Sometimes the depression and despair, just as bad was the sense of thinking all there was to life was coping with misery and failure. To move from that to somewhere else completely. To move from self-reliance and having to boost your own ego with inflated self-talk deceiving yourself about how great you are, to a place of truth where there is something greater than your ego.

It takes some lifting – a lift for which you cannot rely on yourself …

To move from those shades of night to the plains of light.

(Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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