Columbo and Something Worth Listening To

Gerry and Iain are two of my favourite people on the planet.

I have never met them in person. I don’t think they really know of me other than few an occasional retweet of their stuff. I don’t think I really knew them this time last year. In that space of time, however, they have become firmly entrenched as two people I love to listen to.

Gerry and Iain produce affectionate retrospective podcasts. At the moment, I believe they are making their way through the classic British sitcom Fawlty Towers. What they do is go through the episode describing what’s going on and providing their own insights and comments on it. In a way it’s a simple format. It doesn’t get too complicated at all. Scene by scene with comment, anecdote and the like. It’s simple and it’s beautiful.

This is not the first television series they’ve produced a podcast for. They have done similar projects for American comedy Sledgehammer, British detective series Jonathan Creek and another classic British comedy Blackadder. Where I first came across them, however, was their epic series on arguably the greatest television detective of them all – Columbo. I cannot stress enough just what a pleasure it is listening to the 71 episodes in which they take each episode from the original run, the pilots and the episodes from the later run.

I loved watching Columbo anyway, but to sit and listen to these two offer their views on it and provide some miscellaneous information on the making of the episode has heightened the experience even further. That is to say I love watching the Columbo episode and then I can listen to those expressing their honest opinion on it and love it even further. My wife will tell you how I am in a position now where even though I’ve gone through all the episodes – both the actual Columbo episodes and the podcasts on them – I’ll have no problems going back on them both.

To be honest it was their brilliant rapport on this show that got me interested in the subsequent projects. I’d never even heard of Sledgehammer before they started their podcast series on the programme and once again I became a lot more interested in that because of the way they spoke about it. In fact in some of the other projects I preferred the podcast on the programme than the actual programme!

It is refreshing to come across something that enriched an experience based on the supportive interaction and rapport between two very regular blokes. It highlighted the beauty of hearing how they only wanted to share their interest with those with the ears to hear.

(Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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