Where The Light May Lead

This was not how it was meant to work out.

Intelligent, witty and evidently competent in the field, he was meant to get the degree and apply that know-how to begin on the ladder. Surely the light should have lead him to progress through the ranks accumulating a good reputation and a bigger bank balance. He would gain responsibility for people and be recognised for his excellence in the field. At the given moment he would branch out into his own thing and enhance his reputation there and in the fullness of time he would be able to retire contentedly.

While on this path, he would also make his way in the church. He’d find the right woman and they would build a lovely home together full of faithfulness, love and children. They would see how gifted he is and what he could contribute to the organisation and respond appropriately. He would likewise be influential in the congregation and the larger organisation and be a part of a new generation of leaders that would usher in whatever new thing was taking place that would bring in souls.

That was how it was meant to work out for him.

What was he doing here? Ruined marriage, children not wanting to talk to him, holding onto his job by a thread and completely switched off from anything to do with God. He thought the drinking would help and it certainly took his mind off things. But that only went on for so long and he would still have to wake up to face that degree of perceived failure. No amount of drink could change that.

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe he didn’t deserve it anyway. Maybe he wasn’t ambitious enough. Maybe he just didn’t have what it takes. Maybe he was now just running on empty.

It came to that point where he acknowledged that he was running on empty. That he had nothing to offer and all his ideas and schemes were resulting in a whole heap of nothing. He gave up. He quit the job knowing it was either that or wait for the inevitable conversation about the company ‘moving on’.

He walked along the beach slowly and the moonlight looked to invite him to just walk into the waves and not stop walking.

The light flashed on his mobile. He’d kept it on silence, but he couldn’t ignore the light. He wanted to ignore it, but it felt more insistent than ever. It was a series of text messages from a friend he had not heard from in months.

Those text messages saved his life.

From there it was not about pursuing the outlined life that should have been. It was about following where the true light was leading. Following that would bring him to places and experiences that helped to reshape his view on his world and the world that matters.

Those from his old life didn’t understand why he was making these unorthodox steps. They were bemused as to how he was no longer on the same train as them to success. He, however, was finally content. Not because he was richer or that all the relationship mess was sorted out.

He was content because he had seen the benefit of just going where the light was leading.

(Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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