Do You Remember When We Used To Sing?

One of my daughters was excitedly me telling me the news.

She was in a band and she was loving the experience of creating sounds and delivering performances and renditions that showed just how tight they were. And now they were looking forward to their first gig. She was ecstatic about that. All the rapport that had been developed to that point would be on display.

It must be something I picked from my Dad, but I didn’t show too much excitement in my response. I did, however, give her the beaming smile of a father who is pleased to see his daughter delighted in this opportunity to express her skills and abilities.

What’s more, I am even more happy for the knowledge that these experiences will live on in her memory. These occasions of putting together something beautiful with her friends and getting to express that with her friends for others to appreciate and applaud. It will be quite something for her.

It reminded me of when we used to sing. There was enough of us so none of us had to stand out, but it was great seeing those who evidently could stand out get the chance to do so. It was great learning the songs together and some of us catching it better than others. Then there was the director who would always get us to focus and sing it properly because we didn’t have the time for messing around. A few minutes later though and even he would be messing around! It was good times.

Then there would be the times that all that practice would come to fruition with the performance. It was more than just performing, we were giving it our all. We’d get into the spirit of the piece and just belt out the song like our lives depended on it. I remember on occasions there would be tears such would be the moving way in which we sang those songs. Those who heard would share of the way the songs did something enriching and healing within them.

Yes, I remember when we used to sing – do you?

Good times. Those don’t have to be times left to the past either.

So as I see the excitement in my daughter, even if it’s not singing, but the beauty and honour of sharing creative expression with others, I’m happy for her. I hope she makes those lasting memories that will lead her in time to come look back and ask the same question if they remember when they used to play together.

(Photo by Honey Fangs on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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