Who Runs Things? In Practice And In Name

Jesus, the Queen and the football manager.

There was this football manager who had a reputation for being winning trophies. A club that had been out of the limelight for a number of decades hired him in the hope of resurrecting some of their former glories. Lo and behold against more established and successful clubs, the manager was able to get the club to win the prestigious league. At the height of his powers at the club, the manager sought to take on the role as a Director of Football.

The title sounded serious and felt like it came with some clout. The initial presentation of the post gave the impression of a smooth transition that saw someone else take the manager’s role but the Director of Football still have a significant role in the running of football operations.

It was a grand sounding title in name, but in practice it was a glorified and trumped up title with no power, influence or any function of worth at all. It was not long before the man left with the ‘best wishes of all at the club’.

Her Majesty the Queen is regarded as a person of dignity and great respect. She has been the monarch of the United Kingdom for nearly seven decades. When the national anthem is sung there is a real sense in which she has reigned long. And yet although she has reigned, there is not a great sense in which she has ruled. In the time since her succession to the throne she has seen numerous Prime Ministers making the procedural ritual of seeking her permission to form a government on her behalf. It’s a noble ritual but in actuality she has little choice in the matter – and these prime ministers are not even selected by her to rule her own dominion.

Her monetary value to the country has been documented and when she visits her subjects both around the country and across the Commonwealth, the visits are treated with great pomp and ceremony. She is still loved and revered for what she represents to the country and many in her dominion. There is even concern about the state of the monarchy when her reign comes to an end.

For all the concern, though, there is the underlying reality that when it comes to actually ruling over the area, it is more of a nominal role.

Finally there is Jesus Christ. Every Sunday many people gather in various settings in His name. They sing songs about Him and hear people speak about Him for extended periods of time. They will even proclaim boldly that He is their Lord.

It’s always a challenge to see if someone is in a position in name alone, or if they really are fulfilling that role in practice. How would you know if He really was Lord in practice and not just in name?

(Photo by William Krause on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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