Adjustment for Alignment

I wonder if you’re familiar with this …

“No, move it a little to the left … No, no, no,, now you need to shift it to the right a bit more … Lift it a little … not too much … Oh now it’s slanted … No it’s slanted … diagonal … no, not that way … the other way … no, no, no, you getting it all wrong … take your time!”

Putting things in their proper place should not cause this much hassle, but it often does. All because it has to be set up to look just right, if it’s out of place a little then it can ruin everything. So for some it requires a bit more work in adjusting it so that it looks just right.

Sometimes in the shifting it can get so aggravating that you feel you might as well just take it off and start the whole thing all over again. Sometimes it can get so annoying that you feel you might as well just leave it alone. Sometimes it’s actually better to leave it for a while and come back in a better frame of mind and then you address it so smoothly it almost makes you wonder why there was so much fuss in the first place.

Once it’s done, however, after a while there’s an appreciation of why it had to be put in just the right place. There’s an understanding that it couldn’t really be left in that wonky position. It would not be right. It would not fit. It would not be fair to the idea of making the place look good. Making sure everything was aligned was well worth the effort.

Then, of course, from time to time, things are in need of a reshuffle and the process starts again. The bigger picture, however, is what matters and for whatever inconvenience and discomfort in the short term, there is a far greater feeling for when the work is done.

Often things need to be adjusted so that they are aligned.

(Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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