Through Everyone Contributing

What sort of team can genuinely thrive and operate with minimal input from the majority of the team? I love watching football and one of the things I love about the game is watching how the team operates. The appreciation for the set up of the team and the decision for the selection of the […]

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Enjoying the View

There were these people that had made such a massive impact on my life sat around the room. Engaging in conversation with each other, some looking at each other. Animated faces contorted or relaxed, some earnest in conversation, others attentive in listening, some raucously laughing at a quip. It was a beautiful thing to behold. […]

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How You Can Look Ahead

He is taking you somewhere. He will take you there. There is so much to be said about hope. When it comes to a good reason to live it is the knowledge that goes beyond reasoning of something better up ahead. It’s a confident assurance that comes in handy when times are particularly tough. When […]

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How Can You Look Ahead?

That’s got to be quite a life. You’re born in a society where you and your people are oppressed as you’re strangers in a strange land. By some miraculous moves, you are finally liberated to pursue a life of your own. Only to discover a few moments later just as you reach a tough point […]

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A Few Deep Breaths

What would help, is if you calmed down, take a few deep breaths and stop. Rushing ahead, quick to react and then open your mouth and say something aggressive and before you know it, the words are gone, the impact is made and we know there’s no going back after that. Why cause the hurt […]

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