About Watching and Waiting

There is urgency, but there’s no rush.

It’s important and exactly because it’s important this is why hurrying on the matter would be counterproductive.

Often it doesn’t seem as though anything is happening and when that is the case over a period of time the feeling of frustration can settle in. Then that frustration can lead to annoyance and before long there’s a growing feeling that perhaps things would be better if we just took matters into our own hands, use our own resources and make it happen. After all, we can make it happen, we have the resources, we have the will, we have the desire.

Sadly, in doing this, we express the distinct lack of trust in anyone but ourselves. It’s sad because trusting in someone greater who is here to realise the good that was always planned, is far better than trusting in ourselves. It leads to a much better outcome.

To get to that better outcome, then requires a different approach to the waiting. An approach that won’t engender a frustration that can spoil everything. What helps with that an approach is looking to the one who gives the reason to wait. Look to Him, dwell on Him, consider His faithful and trustworthy character. See how what we are waiting for is in line with that character and seeing that as the prize worth waiting for.

It does not always make the waiting easier when things appear to be getting worse not better. It does not make it easier, but it makes it a practice that can invest the process with joy. Joy in the watching and waiting. He that promised is faithful. He will do it.

Just watch and wait.

(Photo by Ben White on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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