About Dreams

Dreams are fascinating subject to consider.

The role they can play in life can have a significant bearing on life as we know it. Somebody’s dream can set the course of their life. There are those who happily encourage people to pursue their dreams that they can become a reality. There are even national concepts based on a dream of an ideal way to live, a way to live that is worth dedicating life for it to be achieved.

It might be viewed as being a sad indictment on humanity that people are not in a position to see their dreams realised for socio-economic, political and cultural reasons. In relational terms when someone gives up on their dream some view it as the light of hope being doused by a depressing expression of just getting on with ‘life’.

Yet, there’s something about that bigger thing of dreams as something to aspire towards that makes me wonder … Is life about pursuing the realisation of dreams? Dreams of success and security. Dreams of great material achievement or technological advances. Dreams of breakthroughs in medicine. Dreams of improving the standard of life for the worse off.

Is that what life is meant to be about? What if that’s all there is to the dreams – what if that’s how far we dream? And what if dreaming that way and making it the pursuit of life turns something into an all consuming cause, especially when it’s established just how much it will cost to see those dreams fulfilled?

Just some thoughts on the fascinating issue of dreams.

(Photo by Rahul Bhosale on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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