About The One Cup Experience

Why do I drink?

Someone got me thinking about that very simple question. If it was all just about survival then we wouldn’t really need to drink anything other than water. There is something more to drinking that surviving. There’s something about it that can be about enrichment and stimulation. What it can do to the taste-buds, what it can do for the other senses, what it can stir up within. Whether it’s the initial taste, or what it does as it goes down the throat, or what it does after that, there is something to drinking that is not just a routine act done to stay alive.

Certain beverages require a certain vessel for delivery. Whether a glass or a mug, there is something about a particular drink that has something of the one cup experience. To consume the drink from something else other than that one cup somehow detracts from the experience. It needs that one cup to make it just right.

There have been times when there has been a lack in that commitment to the one cup. As if going to other vessels will be just as good. Some might even get acquainted to the thought of using any old vessel for the drink. That really can cheapen the drink experience itself. Which is why it’s worth celebrating and cherishing that one cup experience. Not only having the drink for yourself, but sharing that experience with others.

The commitment to the one cup experience. Valuing that is not to disrespect the other vessels, it’s just about acknowledging how special the experience can be from the one cup.

Enjoy your drink.

(Photo by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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