Something About A New Song

Hundreds and thousands have filled the auditorium. There is not a spare seat in the house. There is an excitement in the air as the audience awaits the main act.

Many will tell you it was an evening they would never forget. They were especially moved when that song was played. They knew the words by heart and when that solo kicked in their heart seemed to swell to be five times bigger. What a song, what a night!

The beginning of that song, however, started in circumstances so different to that night of appreciation. When the event took place, there were so many overwhelming emotions. The loss and the hurt with the sense that maybe it wasn’t worth carrying on. At the lowest ebb, a little melody crept into the mind. It was a simple melody and the words that mumbled out at least echoed the heart’s dearest cry. No one was around to hear it at the time, but it was worth recording that little melody.

A few weeks of kicking that melody around in the head and as more aspects of the song developed, it was shared with someone else who could add something to it, some musical nous. The heartbreak in the song was palpable as a demo was put together with just a vocal and a piano.

When they were looking for material to record, the two of them knew that this one had to be considered. When the others in the group heard it, they came round to the idea of at least fleshing it out. It was then that the guitar solo flowed and they decided to keep it.

They could not afford to do much in terms of the recording and production process, but they poured everything they had into it. They contributed all they had in musical prowess and engineering excellence to produce the finished product. It started out of the experiences of one, but over time and collaborative investment what emerged was a new song.

Something new to express and serve those who years later can point to it as something that helped, that they could relate to and made life bearable and even more pleasant.

Those hundreds and thousands may never know the process it won’t through to get there. They will always be grateful for the new song.

There’s always room for a new song.

(Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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