Accept Reality

They told me I was living in a fantasy. They told me I needed to wake up from my dreaming and face reality.

What was that reality? Who defined that reality? What made it so real?

Perhaps it was explained by science, maybe that had all the answers. But appeared to operate on theories and even that measurement of reality would vary and change.

Perhaps it was what worked for the generation before me. But their version of reality fitted their worldview in their time for that season, but didn’t always account for anything outside and beyond it.

Perhaps it was what they said about money and sex and power. Maybe that defined what reality really was. Maybe if I could tap into the power within me I could get all the power I needed and express that through the pursuit of money and as much of it as I wanted. Maybe that was the reality. But all that ended up with something hollow, empty and anything but fulfilling.

Perhaps it was following the crowd, surely they would have the right grasp of what was real from what was fake. But the popular opinion didn’t always ring true beyond the surface. Millions could follow things that lead to a dead end not just for the followers but for those impacted by those opinions.

So who was going to define reality? How could I possibly know it was real? What would happen if I accepted reality?

What if there was a route to discover reality? What if it took me beyond the narrow confines of the self-sanctuary I had created? What it it broke through the fantasy that I had bought into to show something far greater than I could have ever dreamed?

What if reality began and ended with a Person who fulfilled and embodied what was true, what the route to that truth was and the very expression of life?

Could I accept reality then?

(Photo by Alfonso Scarpa on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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