Relationships: A Dance

It’s like a dance. Just a dance with a little bit of a difference.

You are there. You have your issues, your little irritations, your reasons to grin. You want to be treated in such a way that will make you comfortable. You are wary of being taken for granted, or being taken for a fool. You want to be known, but you don’t want to be hurt again.

At the same time, you see someone else and you want to know them. You want to engage with them in your space. When you make an effort to do so, though you discover that  they are wary of being taken for granted, or being taken for a fool. When you make a move, they are wary. When they make a move you are wary.

The dance continues.

You get used to the moves and in the environment you share the moves become synchronised and a pattern becomes clear. There’s no need for touching, there’s no need for anything too intrusive. We keep our distance and we make the steps necessary to maintain it.

From time to time, though, we forget the moves and we forget the steps and we bump into each other. It’s not a harmful collision.It can be a pleasant nudge that actually makes us feel better for the move. Maybe understanding the touch and getting the right touches can make the dance even more sensational.

To get that far, though, needs you to go to them and them to come to you. Give each other a chance to get close. To touch. To shape movement. To give greater delight to the dance. But it is costly. It does take courage. It takes time. It takes missteps to get the right steps.

The right steps though, may never be learnt if we only keep our distance in the dance.

(Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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