Who’s Coming 4 Dinner – The Final Guest

Hey well done you made it!

Well, by made it, that assumes you have gone through the introduction to this brief series. Then read about the first guest. Then had a view of the second guest. Before finally recently checking on the third guest. I make that assumption and even give you links to catch up.

So well done! You made it! Just one more guest to introduce and it should not be that much of a surprise, but it is still worth spending some time sharing why I would want him to come along.

Jesus Christ

What I continue to find remarkable about Jesus is how fully and truly human he is. He has no problem hanging around with sinners. He loves a good party like the best of them. Celebrating and enjoying people’s company is something he does in a way that still astonishes me. To even do that with those who he knew were critical of him, makes him all the more a fascinating individual.

The way in which he engaged with people is a great reason why I would want him as the dinner guest. I know he wouldn’t monopolise the conversation. The graceful insights he would offer to Robin, Stevie, Ritson and I would have us both wondering and sometimes questioning. I am sure for example that Robin wouldn’t just accept everything that Jesus said. Even Stevie would still ask about certain things.

The conversations that would spring from that would also be fascinating, seeing the dynamic of the characters. Ritson isn’t the sort to let an issue slip by him without interacting with it in some way. He and Stevie would be talking about something and Jesus would make a comment that would just as much spark more disagreement and debate as it would bring about accord and affinity.

When I read about Jesus and his disciples, there were times when he would have to bring out some of the questions and misunderstandings that they had. There might be a degree of awkwardness that would prevent some of the brothers from asking what they want to ask, but as we tuck into the food and enjoy the desserts and the after meal drinks I’m sure tensions would ease. The characters that I’ve chosen would be honest enough to eventually express themselves.

Jesus is so full of compassion, wisdom and humour, I know he wouldn’t let us stay nervous and tense for long. I know there is much he can say and do to help us on our way to being truly human whatever faults and failings we have. Challenging our misconceptions and painting a picture of the Kingdom accessible to us by faith. It would be brilliant just giving him the platform to do that and engage with us in that wonderful loving way of his. Not making things easy for us, but reminding us that he is here to carry the load with us.

I would love to have Jesus in that dinner party.

All being well we wouldn’t run out of good food and drink, but if it looked that way …

(Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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