Who’s Coming 4 Dinner? The Third Guest

Welcome to the penultimate entry in the brief series of blogs on the guests I would invite for dinner.

It is worth your while reading the first in this series to get an idea of where this is coming from. Two guests have already shown up to the meal, you can find out who they are by clicking about the first guest and then clicking about the second guest.

Robin Williams

The point of the meal and the guests is about getting together a mix of people who brings something different to the table. There is the perception of a celebrity based on their public appearances. Robin Williams was one of the first personalities on television that made a vivid impression on me. I am not sure if I considered him to be the funniest man I saw on television, but he was certainly among them.

My introduction to him was in that great TV programme Mork and Mindy. To discover he was a comedian and then applied his hand to more serious roles was so fascinating. Then finding out about his charity work and desire to raise awareness of certain issues made him all the more interesting. As I moved from just accepting everything I saw on TV to recognising that there’s a life beyond what the is presented in the celebrity bubble, it made him even more intriguing.

It would just be great to sit with him and learn about his approach to life away from the glare of media life and the need to perform. He would soon realise he’s among friends and so does not need to play to his performing abilities. He is not there for the laughs. He is there to get something from the other personalities there and also to share whatever he wants to share from his life. It would be so cool seeing how he would react to the views of Stevie or what my mentor would have to say.

As he settles in and enjoys himself in good company, it would be really something to see how he responds when the fourth guest shows up.

Who is this final guest?

(Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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