Critically Cracked


I am reliably informed that they operate best when the tyres are in good condition. A friend of mine shared how in driving on one occasion he was informed that three of the tyres of the vehicle were critically cracked. Despite that he was able to drive on for a while, until someone else told him that those three tyres that were critically cracked could cause some serious problems later on.

(I was going to say ‘down the road’ but my daughter told me that joke would not work. She said it might drive people crazy. Well, OK, she never said that last bit, but it’s the only way I could get it in here.)

The price of driving on with those critically cracked wheels could cost a lot more later on than it would if the tyres were replaced in the short term.

Another friend of mine (it’s a great blessing to be surrounded by friends) referred to people driving through life. Some are driving with critically cracked tyres. However they picked it up, whatever caused the damage – and there are many ways in which the damage has been picked up – these people just think they need to keep on driving. There’s no time to stop, there’s a destination to reach and more journeys to make. They just need to drive on.

They fail to realise that with the damage they pick up they could be heading to a very costly encounter. Far better to treat the situation early. Far better to replace the tyres now. Far better to get the car fixed for it to run in good condition now, then wait for an accident that may damage others on the road of life.

Just when I thought it was safe to think good friends didn’t have more to share on the image. One more good friend shared how the image of one entity operating is like that of the one Body of Christ and the entire Body is affected if one part is affected. For the vehicle that is the church to roll on, we cannot afford the critical cracks in relationships. The hurts that were never forgiven, the pain that was never healed and the fractures that needed reconciliation. It continues to sadden me how many gatherings are merely focused on the weekly routine and the activities around that, without realising that the Body is made to operate when each part functions – in relationship with each other.

The healing starts when we take all of our critically cracked places before the only Mechanic who can fix us.

(Photo by Jiafeng Wang on Unsplash)

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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