Dramatisation: You Ever Done This?

You can’t put everything that’s in the Bible in a play or a television production or a movie. Genealogy for a starter would be tough to portray.

There are parts of Scripture, however, that lends itself beautifully for dramatisation. You ever read those narrative parts in a way that was captured in a visual manner.

Have a read of Genesis 24. Go on, read it. Look at the various scenes in there. Look at the characters. Look at the action, the dialogue and the underlying themes. That would be wonderful to see. Wonderful indeed.

When you add in the bigger picture of the story that the episode finds itself in, ah the wonder increases. For those who want to see it, there are glimpses of the eternal perspective …

You ever done that with brothers and sisters in Christ? I heartily recommend it!

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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