Truth and the Christian Way: Authenticity

It comes down to this. More than the splendid oratory, more than the signs and wonders, more than the public declarations and stories of the miraculous. More that all of that, can this faith be trusted? Is it for real?

The gatherings involve real experiences that people find genuinely moving. Often, however, they can appear like well orchestrated and elaborate performance. The players are just as much the audience as those on the stage. Dressed the right way, behaving in line with the requirements of the groups, it’s not always clear what is real and what is acceptable to the norms.

It’s when there is no performance, it’s when there is the mundane to deal with, it’s when the questions cannot always be answered, it’s when things are broken down, it’s in the humdrum of life, it’s there that we can get a glimpse to see if it’s real. Is this love real, or is it just a lovely sentiment that is never materialised in changed lives and close relationships.

The truth of the matter must remain love being the Christian way.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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