Taking Relationships Seriously

I still forget sometimes how easy it can be to upset people. Something I take for granted in overlooking, someone else gets offended at. This is not about me justifying my actions or suggesting others are too sensitive.  It’s a reflection on my behaviour and the impact it can have on others. Yep, I should […]

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Another Word On Time

I take it for granted that I was born on Monday 21st November 1977. I take it for granted because I don’t see any reason to interrogate that and consider things any differently. Likewise as I write this blog the time on the bottom right corner of this laptop informs me both of the 24 […]

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Measuring Success

Just some questions buzzing round my head. Is it right as a follower of Jesus to consider the concept of ‘success’? If so, what is the disciple’s definition of success? How can it be measured? Is it fair for it to be measured as other non-Christian projects are measured? Is it possible that we may […]

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