What Kind Of Man Are You? In Pursuit of Righteousness

Righteousness or Selfishness.

Men are good at pursuing things.

They will spend hours pursuing gaming excellence. They have no problems investing sizeable fortunes following their football team around the world. They will go to great extents to track down the woman that catches their eye.

Men are good at pursuing things.

Paul’s encouragement to his son in the faith is to ensure that the pursuits he finds himself on are worthwhile. The pursuit of righteousness is in itself one that can even more consuming than winning a trophy in a sport or finally completing that video game. That pursuit of righteousness impacts all aspects of life – what is it to really be pleasing to the God? What is it to follow in the footsteps of Jesus to reflect the image of God on the earth?

Pursuing righteousness impacts how we spend life. What takes up our time and our thoughts. Where we invest our resources and energies. It is not about self-gratification, it is about what will bring the best out of others and the given situation of life we are in.

Every day men are challenged to consider what kind of man they will be. It’s all too easy to be one in pursuit of selfish gain. It’s the call to rise to something far more in line with their purpose for existing to pursue righteousness.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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