Can You See Progress?

I love Steve.

He is among the greatest men I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. Great, because he is a man of integrity. He values the truth, he doesn’t take rubbish. His generosity has benefited many and he is humble enough never to make a big deal of it at all. His commitment to his family is something that still fills me with tears of admiration.

Steve is also a Liverpool fan reaffirming what a great human being he is!

It’s our shared love of Liverpool Football Club that remains one of the best things ever. I love it. I love our conversations and his insights on football and all things about the club we admire so much.

One thing that Steve and I are usually agreed on is that Steve is right. It takes much for me to actually go out of my way to suggest that Steve may not have it completely correct.

What did I disagree with him about? Well …

Ahhhhhhh you don’t wanna know. What you do want to know is that it’s good when you can see progress. I mean really see it.

You see, we live in a world that is good at marketing and spinning. So appearances are made and crafted in a bid to give a particular story, even if that story is not true. You tell that story suggestively enough and persistently enough and people believe it. Which, when you strip it all away, is people believing a lie.

Some are suckered into believing in progress for a lot of superficial platitudes. So convenient facts are highlighted and trumpeted, where not so pertinent truths are dismissed or neglected. Tragically leaving people sticking to something that was dead a long time ago, but they are persuaded to endure because of clever marketing.

Meanwhile it is good to actually see things for what they are. When you see progress, despite the opposition and challenging circumstances, it is good to recognise it for what it is, especially if it is that progress that can keep you going.

So can you see progress? Is it really there?

Meanwhile Steve was probably right. Probably.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden