The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference

The power in the testimony is not the person whose life has been transformed. The power in the testimony is what caused that transformation. What force was unleashed to allow a person’s situation turn from tragedy to testimony.

Recently I sat in on a group of believers who gave time for people to share their testimonies. There was one particularly moving one that took the one testifying from a place of bitter unforgiveness to a wonderful liberty and desire to see others liberated all because of what happened on the old rugged cross. It would have taken a truly stony and possibly dead heart to hear that and not be moved by the smaller story of the life changed and the larger even more compelling story of one scorned, ridiculed, beaten and nailed to a cross who was still able to forgive those who killed Him.

It remains incredible what the reality of that old rugged cross has done in the lives of those who consider it, the man brutally crucified on it and His impact in their lives. Those same testimonies are still awaiting to be told as we share our own stories of lives transformed, not to put the spotlight on us, but point it to an empty cross, an empty tomb and a risen Saviour reaching out to do the same in the lives of those who believe Him.

That’s just part of the difference the old rugged cross can make.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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