A New Month A New Season: Dryden Update

Thank you, Lord. July is over.

I did not dislike July. Quite a number of beautiful things happened over the month. Flicking through the blogs written over the month, I like quite a lot of what I wrote. Yet July is still a wilderness month in the summer. Never been a big fan of the summer and of July. Just a long month in every way with nothing to mark it out as a month to look out for – in my experience.

So for all the blessings I enjoyed in the month, I am very glad it’s over. And in a real way, the seventh month acted as one of completion and rest before a new month kicks off and I am particularly excited about the month.

Gotta be honest, the big reason for the excitement is the return of the football season. All the fuss around how things will be as the teams get ready to negotiate another set of fixtures and all that, I love it.

In more important things, though the thought of a new season for a game I love coincided with a thought about encouraging believers to cherish and embrace their call to service. Even as Jesus served and left an example for His followers to serve, there is something inherently out of sync in the life of a believer if they aren’t joining Jesus in serving others. It’s a concern of mine that this aspect of life in Christ is either neglected, minimised or left to refer to things that happen in the ‘worship service’ like ushering and the like. Folks from that type of Christian perspective won’t have a problem with that at all, but looking at how service was inherent in the life of God’s people in the time with Israel, how Jesus served and how service looked in the early church it often comes across as very different to how we get it and how we do it.

In any case, not just blogging and bleating about it, the verve is there to engage in and support others in getting involved in serving. A new season of service, if you will. Setting folks up to look at the bigger picture of serving and then identifying where they fit in that picture as we recognise what Paul told us all along that actually we are His workmanship created for good works in Christ that He has already prepared for us. That’s an outworking of the glorious salvation message we have received of the grace that makes us alive. We are saved and now we serve. It makes all kinds of sense – now it is about time we got on with it.

So those kind of things are keeping me going at this time of my life. I am enjoying writing a lot and want to get to do it a bit more often. I love my family a great deal at the moment and love the thought of doing family a bit more often. I love the Word of God and love the thought of engaging in it a bit more often and sharing findings with the saints as and when the opportunity arises.

Jesus is Lord and that is a beautiful fact. One of the things that meant a lot to me in July was appreciating that streamlining at times is a useful exercise to ensure as always I only do what God wants me to do and don’t get lumbered with well meaning baggage that takes up space and time that could be better invested in just doing what He wants. So for all the plans, schemes and dreams, I realise that it is good to be lead by Him to know what He wants and walk along the paths He sets.

So, with that stated, here’s looking back at July with thanksgiving and holding arms open with the broad Dryden grin in anticipation of the wonders August has in store. Thanks for taking the time to catch up with what’s going on with the man CD – keep me and my family in your prayers!

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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