From the Old …

The old way wasn’t working. On the contrary, it was counterproductive in every way. What was supposed to be a help turned out to be a massive hindrance. Suffocating and stifling any hope of life, love and joy. Something had to be done.

The invitation was given to go the new way. That invitation was made at great expense to one but offered freely to you. All that was needed was to accept invitation and embark on the reality of the new.

There’s that stage of the novelty factor of the new. The excitement of the different, the promise of what will be better, the hope for the best. Soon, however, there comes challenges. Rising in nature, soon the novelty wears off, the promise is distant, the excitement has worn off and the hope has been battered.

Then we remember where we were coming from with rose tinted glasses. Maybe things were better off where we were. At least we know where we stood. At least we knew what we had. But this transitional stage, the stage in between, it’s odd, it’s uncomfortable, it’s unfamiliar and we don’t like that.

What are you going to do? Maybe it’s worth going back.

But at what cost?

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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