In Training

I look at myself sometimes and think what a lethargic, lazy slob I am. I quickly shake myself from that and get to the meat of the matter of how I am to be.

This week in particular, scriptures about training have come up big time. Like this one.

I read this and in line with the physical training I have embarked on lately, it is a reminder that life can be something you train for. Learning, developing, honing and perfecting. It just so happens that the training is life. Training for godliness is not something done primarily in an academic setting. It’s done in daily interactions and activities.

It’s invigorating to think that this is something that can be done as an alternative to just picking up and dwelling on myths. Paul had something in mind when he wrote to Timothy about avoiding that. There is still so much of that myth promoting doing the rounds in church circles, it’s just that they’re given the respectability of something important we need to be talking about, though it doesn’t take much to see those kind of conversations as rubbish.

This training encourages ongoing focus on the God we want to be like. Looking at Jesus and living the life He calls for by His Spirit. Making that the key focus in life and working towards that is channeling what we might give to other pursuits to God. Some of those pursuits appear harmless, but they can also be used to distract us from the things that matter. Hence the encouragement for training. Ongoing and diligent attention to ensure all we’re doing is in line with that desire to be godly.

Those training themes in scriptures will not be left dormant with me. I have an idea …

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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