Appreciating Other Perspectives and the Indefensible

I can imagine it can be a thankless task – Being a defence lawyer when  the person being defended is definitely guilty.

That cannot be a job you can do and sleep that well at night unless you have set up some strong coping mechanisms. Ones like saying you are performing an important part of the judicial system that gives everyone the right to legal support. There could be a sense in which you feel that as long as you play your part in offering the best defence possible, then it’s really down to others to effect true justice. Whatever the argument, that’s a tough gig, especially when it comes to the more heinous of crimes.

Some would think that being part of such a system as somewhat indefensible.

What is indefensible?

That question  becomes more pertinent when you are given the opportunity to consider another person’s perspective. Spend a little time seeing things from the other person’s point of view, or better still just taking yourself out of your own view and seeing alternatives.

I have a good friend who consistently provides another perspective. He doesn’t do it to be awkward or contrary at all – in fact his appreciation of the alternative viewpoint makes our conversations better informed and stops me from rushing to a conclusion. He is great for me in that sense.

Even he, however, would suggest that there is a time when alternative viewpoints do not cover that which is indefensible. He has a standard in mind that makes something truly indefensible.

Is there a standard that can be applied to all? Who decides that standard?

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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