Will The Circle Ever Be Broken? Sandra’s Story

Sandra was not going to be like her Mum. 

At school in her early teens, Sandra’s brash attitude rubbed some the wrong way, but there were some who saw the talent and ability through the bravado. She was cool with the encouragement, she just didn’t want to be told what to do. Especially seeing as though the main person who kept trying to boss her around was her Mum who was a loser still scrounging for any penny she could get from the benefits or from the occasional short-term lover. Sandra was sure she was not going to turn out like her. 

The defiance could not cover her failings and one of them was her inability to concentrate on her courses. She was persuaded by her friends, though, that she didn’t need school to do well, she could make it on her own. So she let time at school pass her by, making friends but not bothering to do much else. 

As it turned out, she was able to start with a decent job after school. She had no illusion that this modelling career would take off, but the occasional job paid well and she came across people who offered her advice as to other ways of supplementing her income. Sure, some of it stretched legality in a few areas, but it was harmless. 

There was this really good sounding project she was encouraged to join in on. She was told of she paid the ‘small’ start-up fee, she would be raking in thousands a month, within the year. Though usually sensible, on this occasion Sandra got caught up with the respectable front of the scheme. By the time it became apparent that things were not as it appeared, she was up to her neck in debt. 

Looking at being on her last legs, a friend offered some help until she got back on her feet. The two soon became more than friends as she began to feel he could meet her deepest needs and he felt he finally found someone he could rescue and support. They meant well, they thought they loved each other until she told him she was pregnant. 

At first he said he would be supportive and he was the picture of paternal responsibility until it became apparent that Sandra was giving their baby girl Chloe, so much love he was taking second place too often. Sandra no longer needed to be rescued and so he felt left out. Being too proud to beg or humble to serve, eventually he left a WhatsApp message table saying he would still support the baby financially, but he was needed elsewhere. 

Sandra was devastated. 

But being committed to the front of appearing tough and defiant, especially for Chloe’s sake, she steadily lowered her standards and accepted whatever would come her way to help them survive. As Chloe grew up, though, she gradually saw her Mum as a loser. 

Chloe was not going to be like her Mum. 

(Photo: Unsplash) 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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